Raptor Altitude - $249.74 (Ball Only)

The Raptor™ returns with the devastating new Affliction™ core! Introducing the exclusive Raptor™ Altitude limited edition bowling ball from MOTIV®. 

To provide a ball motion on medium-heavy oil patterns that is cleaner through the front and angular on the backend, a symmetrical Affliction™ core concept was harnessed to retain energy and push further down lane before making a strong move toward the pocket. With a lower RG and loads of differential the Raptor™ Altitude strikes with impressive power.

To further boost performance the Raptor™ Altitude is covered with Infusion™ HV Pearl Reactive technology, which was featured on the Jackal™ Flash. This provides ball motion characteristics that complement the intent of the symmetrical Affliction™ core perfectly.

The Raptor™ Altitude will be a very versatile ball. Rev dominant bowlers will really appreciate the balls ability to push further down lane and retain energy. Balanced bowlers will be able to use it from medium-heavy oil down to more moderate volumes. As higher volume patterns break down and friction builds, the Raptor™ Altitude will come alive!